Presbyterian Men (Men of Integrity)

The HPC Men’s Group (Men of Integrity)  breakfast with devotional and fellowship will meet  every Friday morning at 8 AM at the Helen Huddle House.

Notice to all men of Helen Presbyterian Church.
And maybe who might want to be.

We have a men’s group called “MEN of II{IEGITY”
We have an EMMAUS Community.
We have a KAIROS {prison ministry}
We have a real old fashion works on a rope church bell.
We have little kids that belong to our professional bell ringers club.
We have not one but two Pastors.
We have a animal blessing celebration.
We have a great picnic food gatherings.|
We have a Prayer Garden.

Biker’s  Bike Blessing (new) coming 11/11 (Bikes and Riders will be Blessed)

lnterested ???  We meet every Friday at 8am in the Helen Huddle House
(just come – you will be welcome)

A little info on Men of Integrity… Example of Daily Devotional – click here





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