Presbyterian Women (PW)

Presbyterian Women:

From Carolyn Bell:  from our PW Bible Study and meeting of of February 9th:  First of all, we missed those of you who could not be at the meeting today.  Secondly, we started our study and will be doing day five of the first week and sharing our thoughts via email this week. In our next meeting we will study second week of the book. For those of you who do not have your book, see me Sunday for yours. Also for our March meeting we will meet at church on March 17th for the annual PW Gathering Meeting in Commerce. See me Sunday for a registration form.  We will not have a craft meeting in March but will still meet the second Friday as usual.  If you have any questions, see me Sunday. Thanks and have a blessed day. Next week I will share my thoughts with you on our first week of the study via email as will the other ladies that attended.

Presbyterian Women’s Group will meet the 2nd Friday of the month at 10:30 am.  This is a time for Bible Study and reflection and they will discuss upcoming meetings and where their next readings and study will blossom forth…. Crafts will be on the 4th Friday of the month unless otherwise notified…. (If anyone has a craft they might like to teach the rest of the ladies, please advise Carolyn Bell that we can set  up for that craft day)….

The ladies will also review upcoming needs of the community and aid in assistance whenever and where-ever possible

Presbyterian Women’s CRAFTS will meet the 4th Friday of the month at 10:30 am.  Bring any craft you wish to work on and or need help with…. There might be others that can assist or teach within our group…… Bring your glue gun if you have one and other crafts you might like to do or share…….




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